Alexandroupoli, a city that calls to mind the distant past and the beauty of today. A city playing a “key” role in Greece, either coming or leaving from east or west. Alexandroupoli, an open embracement. A city set towards the sea. The city of entertainment, sea and tourism. A nodal city that connects Europe and Asia, West and East and therefore, its communication with the rest of the world and Greece is performed in every overland, marine or aerial way.

Alexandroupoli is the capital of the Evros Prefecture and thus all services are at the disposal of its visitors as well as the hospitality of its 60.000 residents. Water sports, taverns, cafes and bars along the sea wall of the port, luxurious hotels and numerous entertainment options guarantee the city’s visitors a pleasant vacations atmosphere and a convenient stay.

The coastal settlements of the Municipality of Alexandroupoli –Makri, Mesimvria, Dikella- and the alpine ones –Potamos, Avantas, Aisimi, Leptokaria, Kirki, Sikkorachi- offer to their visitors some routes of unique natural beauty. In addition, Alexandroupoli is situated very close to some really important, from an ecological point of view, places such as Dadia, river Evros Delta, and the thermal baths of Traianoupoli.